Become an affiliate

Do you have an audience of midlife men who are into self-improvement
and would be interested in guidance on optimizing their body, mind, and sex life through testosterone therapy, peptides, and high-performance coaching?

Share our services with them and earn a commission when they purchase through your affiliate link.

How It Works

Share your affiliate link

Share our products and services with your audience

You earn commissions

Earn $50 per referral that purchases labs using your referral link

Your community gets a discount

Your referrals get 15% off their labs and 50% off their clinician appointment with your code

Succeeding Together

We know your community is essential to you and that the relationships you built took time, care, and trust.

We are committed to creating a true partnership with you based on those values. We will work with you to ensure your unique voice and approach remain consistent with your community when representing Olympus Men.

Affiliate Program FAQ

When and how do I get paid as an affiliate?

You’ll be paid monthly via Paypal for sales that have reached 30-45 days after the sale.

What’s the commission structure?

You’ll receive a $50 commission on each sale of lab work ordered. Earn while you sleep.

Can I earn commissions on my own purchases?

No, you cannot earn a commission on your own purchases. It’s against our terms to do so. If it’s found you have done this, you will be removed from the affiliate program.

After you’re approved for the affiliate program, we’ll send you an affiliate link and the supporting marketing materials for promotion.