Your health belongs in your control

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Our Values

Olympus Men was created with the belief that a man’s best life is in front of him, not a distant memory from his 20s. With the proper medical support and coaching, a man can unlock the true potential of his physical and mental health.

The best version of yourself: your body, sex, energy, focus, and relationships can all be realized — not in some distant future — right now.

A Call to Arms from the Founder

I was 43 and sick of being sick and tired. My focus, energy, libido, and physical health were on the rocks. When I was introduced to testosterone optimization and peptide wellness therapies, my life made a 180 in 6 months.

I’m now living my best life and created a company on a mission to help as many men as possible do the same.

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A Network of Support for Men

At Olympus Men, you’ll have access to licensed healthcare professionals and certified
life and wellness coaches. Because physical and mental well-being is the goal.

A smiling man with gray hair and beard wearing a white lab coat and a stethoscope draped over his shoulder. Text overlay reads, "Certified Clinicians.
Picture of Aaron J. Jacobs, Founder and High-Performance Coach